Start Earning with Branded Surveys

Do you want to share your expertise to earn cash through paid surveys and gift cards? Once you are an associate of Branded Surveys, you can.

Big research firms like J.D. Power, Nielsen, and Forrester employ us to collect survey responses among our customers.

Companies use these surveys for market research to understand consumer behavior and market trends and make key organizational decision-making.

Start Earning with Branded Surveys

How to Earn Rewards

We make it simple to earn gift cards by taking part in surveys. You’ll receive a certain number of points for every survey you take.

You can also earn points as daily rewards by participating in challenges, service offerings or polls on social media and referring friends.

Members also earn points when they progress to higher badges through our loyalty program, Branded Elite. All members begin with Bronze badge holders.

They can go to Silver after they earn 600 points. Gold will follow them when they’ve earned a minimum of 2,100 points.

Each tier has different bonuses when taking part in weekly competitions. You can take surveys to earn gift cards; there’s no limit to the number of surveys you can complete within a single day.

Online Survey Reward Options

When you have earned a minimum of 500 points, you can swap the points earned through your surveys to purchase cash or gift cards.

If you’d prefer to cash out, click here to request a withdrawal. We’ll accept your request for withdrawal within two working days.

After we have approved your request, you will be able to look through rewards options.

Survey Rewards Options for U.S. Residents:

With Branded Surveys, you can make huge rewards by using your voice and filling out paid surveys. After you have completed an online survey, you’ll get a specific amount of points that can be exchanged for several rewards. These are the reward choices available to U.S residents.

Rewards for a Charitable Cause:

Have you ever thought about the fact that you could give the profits you earn from online surveys to a U.S. charity of your preference?

At Branded Surveys, we give our customers multiple options to pay for their points, including cash, gift cards, or a charitable donation.

Members not only benefit from studies on market trends for major corporations, but they can also make a difference through donating.

Learn how to take surveys for charities and the charities you can donate to.

Survey Reward Options in Canada:

Canadian residents can benefit by taking online surveys for a fee in Canada by registering with Branded Surveys. After completing online surveys, which companies provide to conduct market research, Canadian citizens will collect points they can redeem for reward cards, such as gift cards to the restaurants and shops they love. Find out how to earn rewards through online surveys paid in Canada.

Survey Reward Options in the UK:

Branded Surveys is proud to allow you to participate in online surveys throughout the UK for a fee. Surveys online help large companies to conduct market research.

They want the views of the people living in the UK to make critical choices about the new products they offer, marketing strategies, and other aspects that could influence the consumer market.

The UK customers earn points each when they take part in the survey. In the end, they can exchange points to earn amazing rewards!

Find out how you can earn rewards similar to gift cards through online surveys paid for in the UK.

If you’d prefer to exchange points for cash, you can receive funds through Direct Deposit (exclusively only for U.S. residents) or directly via the PayPal account.

The payment options offered by PayPal are secure and can be processed within one to three business days.

If you’d like to exchange your points to purchase a gift card, then you can select from the gift cards listed on our site.

We do not send gift cards in increments of $5. Once you’ve chosen, we’ll email you an electronic gift card within three days.

If you’d like to participate in questions for cash or exchange your opinion for cash, sign up to take surveys at Branded Surveys now!

Join Branded Surveys and easily earn rewards!

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