Branded Surveys Payout

Branded Surveys pay out points, which can be used to purchase gift cards or cash. Points are worth one cent, which means the value of 100 points is $1. The minimum payout is 500 points, which is equal to $5.

You can exchange points for cash via PayPal as well as Bank Transfer. You can also be gifted a gift card to many stores, including Amazon, Walmart, and Target.

To redeem your rewards:

  1. Visit your “My Points” page on your Branded Surveys dashboard.
  2. Click the “Choose Payout Method” button.
  3. Select the preferred payment method and enter the points you want to redeem.

Branded Surveys claims payments are usually processed within 2-3 days after the business day. However, some customers have complained of having to wait longer, especially in the case of Bank Transfer payouts.

Do I need to report my payouts on my taxes?

In general, if you redeem $600 or more during the tax year, you might be required to declare your earnings to your taxes. If you earn more than $600 during the year, you must get an I9 form from us.

If you have questions about your earned amount, our customer support can verify your earnings. Always remember it’s best to consult an experienced tax professional to get customized answers to tax issues.

How do I get paid?

Click ‘ Payout Options ‘ on the left-hand navigation menu to set up your payout choice. You can choose from various Gift Cards through Tango, PayPal or Branded Pay.

Once you reach 500 points, click the ‘Redeem Points’ button under your point total on your ‘My Points’ page.

Keep in mind that Silver and Gold members receive instant payout approvals!

How much is 500 points worth?

500 points is equivalent to $5 USD. To redeem, you are required to earn a minimum of 500 points. In most cases, you can redeem any amount over 500 points!

Are my points available to cash in right away?

You are qualified to redeem once you reach 500 approved points. Once the 500 approved point minimum is gone, your ‘Redeem Points’ button will appear under your point balance on your ‘My Points’ page.

How long does it take to process a payout?

After redeeming your points, it can take 1 and 2 business days for most members to approve. For Silver and Gold members, the payout is now instant! You can view your withdrawal status on your ‘My Points’ page under ‘My Payouts.’ 

Note: We do not process payments over the weekend or on holidays. 

What is ‘bank transfer’?

Bank Transfer through Plaid is a secure payout choice that deposits your payouts directly to your bank account.

Why Plaid? Plaid lets you securely connect your financial accounts and does not sell personal details. To get started, follow the link under “Bank Transfer” on the payout choices page.

You must verify through each step, including clicking “continue” on the ‘Success’ notification! *only our U.S. members currently have this payout option available.

Where is my ‘Redeem Points’ button?

To cash out, you must have 500 approved points. Once you reach 500 points, a ‘Redeem Points’ button will occur on your My Points page. If you have more than 500 points and do not see your ‘Redeem Points’ button, please check to make sure your ‘Payout Option’ is selected. 

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